Surrogacy Support in Virginia

Physical and emotional support is important for every family welcoming a new baby.

When a family includes a surrogate, support can be even more important to ease the nerves of the intended parents throughout the process. Surrogacy is delicate and beautiful, and also comes along with an overwhelming amount of unknowns.

Each families journey to choosing surrogacy looks different.

Surrogacy comes along with a heavy burden of financial and emotional responsibilities for the intended parents and the surrogate themselves. Doula support nurtures the relationship between the intended parents and surrogate, IVF parents and other complex pregnancy situations to improve communication and reduce stress. Making this journey as simple as possible is key.

Surrogate pregnancy is a long  journey. Our agency of compassionate doulas are available to make the process more comfortable and provide IVF or surrogate-intended pregnancies with the emotional and physical support they need during all phases. If your surrogate is placed under certain medical restrictions like extended bedrest, doulas can be made available to ease the transition from pregnancy to labor. They can offer help around the house or with their other children, keeping the surrogate relaxed and comfortable as they wait for baby to arrive.

Your doula offers support throughout your baby's growth during pregnancy, helps create a birth plan that supports all stages of labor, and helps navigating the first few weeks of the postpartum period.

Intended parents may experience anxiety throughout the surrogate's pregnancy and their baby's labor and are still at risk for postpartum depression. Having doula support offers emotional stability and reassurance every step along the way. Bias free, your doula is there at the hospital to welcome your baby, implementing comfort measures for your surrogate and facilitating bonding between intended parents and their newborn while also helping the surrogate feel comfortable and supported.

Once their baby arrives, parents often have a difficult time adjusting to newborn care schedules and require some extra affirmations to make them feel confident and secure while they transition home. Care plans are flexible and can be customized to your family's needs and schedule. Overnight care is available to help new parents adjust to their baby's needs and help establish feeding and sleep routines. 

Our doulas are here to make life easier for you and your family.

Support and a helping hand is a sigh of relief no matter how you plan to welcome your new baby. Having a doula there to facilitate the process, allowing parents to relax and enjoy the process of their child's pregnancy and birth. 

Contact our team for more information about surrogacy support, to welcome your newest addition.