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8 Questions to Ask a Doula at an Interview

The truth is you can find many lists out there with questions to ask doulas during the interview, also called a consultation, because it is more about getting to know the doula team. The intake call, done before the consultation, is about answering those logistic questions such as what is included in the package, fees, payment options, and how and when to hire the doula.

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Meet Jocelyn, Birth and Postpartum Doula in Winchester

We are excited to have Jocelyn on our team. We enjoy her fun personality and her love of serving and supporting families as they transition from pregnancy to parenthood. Where did you grow up?

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How to Hire Virginia is for Doulas

So you have finally decided to add a doula to your birth team or you've heard that adding a doula to your birth team comes with so many benefits. What is the next step? How do you go about hiring a doula for your birth and making sure they are the best fit for your birth?

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