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Childbirth Education Class to Prepare you for Birth at Winchester Medical Center

Virginia is for Doulas offers an amazing “ Birth Unlocked” Childbirth Education Class that will help you fully understand birth and preparing to welcome your baby at Winchester Medical Center.

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What to Expect: How Will My Labor Start

Is it really like the movies? Water breaking and gushing all over Isle 12 of the grocery store followed by intense contractions, contraction so intense you’ll be pushing your baby out in less than an hour? No, it’s not really like the movies, especially for those giving birth for the first time.

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How to Use Water in Labor

Hydrotherapy, using water in labor for relief and comfort is an amazing tool that can help you get through labor until you plan to get your epidural or until you give birth. Hydrotherapy is usually one of a Doulas' favorite tools for supporting families in labor, but it can also be used with you and your support person.

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