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Meet One of our Harrisonburg Area Doula Teams!

We are so excite you found your way here! What exactly is doula support? Well, think of the person who supported you through a trying moment in life? Maybe an exciting moment?

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GBS, Placenta Encapsulation, Safety and More.

The story kind of goes like this. You read about the baby who contracted GBS, twice, and how baby's mother consumed her placenta and then the CDC said don't eat your placenta it most likely will infect your baby with GBS.

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What are My Birth Center Options in Harrisonburg, Virginia?

Imagine walking in to Brookhaven Women's Health and Natural Birth Center, you take a look around and you immediately feel warm, comfortable, and secure. The colors, the receptionist, the midwives, the prenatal room, the class room, and the beautiful birth rooms bring it all home. This is where you want to give birth. This is where you always imagined it would happen.

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