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Homebirth Midwives & Hospital Midwives: How each one might benefit you

Midwifery Care is more woman centered and appealing to women because of it's women centered care and excellent options for delivering. Where and how you desire to deliver are factors that come into play with deciding on which type of midwife would be the best addition to your team.

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Doulas and Medical Staff: Our Promise to You

To the medical professionals: Nurses, Doctors, and Midwives that the Doulas of Virginia is for Doulas have the pleasure to work with here is our promise to you.

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If I Have a Midwife, Do I Really Need a Doula?

The short answer to this is you do not *need* both, but to have both is highly valuable and will only make the birthing process smoother and easier. If you have read my blog about the difference between a Doula and a Midwife, it will help you understand how their roles are similar but different and always complimentary of each other.

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