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Placenta Encapsulation: How it can Help Your Whole Family After Birth

Families prepare for birth, they take a Childbirth Education Class, they hire a Doula, they hire an exceptional provider in Winchester and they prepare the nursery. It seems that the birth is the grand finale, but really, the birth, is the beginning of the rest of your life and your journey as parents.

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Does Placenta Encapsulation Prevent Postpartum Depression?

Why is the postpartum period so hard in America? What can we do to change and improve postpartum recovery for new moms? Most women spend hours preparing for their birth, they take the childbirth education class, they have their doula, the birth plan, the best provider and everything is all set up for baby.

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Can I Still Hire a Placenta Encapsulator if I Have a Cesarean?

A common question that moms and inquiring clients ask is, "Can I still encapsulate with a planned or unplanned cesarean?". The simple answer to this is yes, absolutely! What exactly does the process look like though and is it different from having a vaginal birth?

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