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Guest Post by Valley Pelvic Health: Bringing Sexy Back

Let’s go there and I mean “down there”. We all know having a baby is a miracle, but boy does it take a toll on our bodies. Let’s chat about 4 common postpartum issues that are related to the pelvic floor.

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Parenting: The Cry it Out Method

The choices you make as a parent are your own and while the Cry it Out Method (CIO) is a very controversial topic, some parents still use this method. The focus of this blog is on parents who choose the Cry it Out Method out of desperation and what might be helpful if you are looking to avoid this method.

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Help...My Baby Has Their Days and Nights Mixed Up

While you were pregnant you heard so many stories about "mixed days and nights" and maybe you believed it, maybe you didn't. However, here you are a few weeks postpartum and your baby seems to still like being awake more at night than during the day.

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