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Benefits of a Postpartum Planning Session for Postpartum Recovery

Postpartum planning is so important. We spend a lot of time in pregnancy preparing specifically for the BIRTH and the BABY. We hire birth Doulas, we write birth plans, we find the best OB or Midwife, we find a pediatrician, we get all these baby clothes, we focus on bringing the baby home and birthing them.

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When it Comes to Our Postpartum Support, What Can You Expect?

Virginia is for Doulas began in 2015 with excellence in mind. We are comprised of team members that have been serving families anywhere from 3-9 years as postpartum specialists with several hundreds of hours of postpartum doula support under their belt.

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3 Ways To Help a Family With a New Baby

These days life is a little hectic, we forget to take time to recover, rest, and not overdo ourselves. After a woman has a baby, it is even more important for her to rest, recover, eat well, and enjoy those first moments before they begin to fly by.

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