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Benefits of a Postpartum Planning Session for Postpartum Recovery

Postpartum planning is so important. We spend a lot of time in pregnancy preparing specifically for the BIRTH and the BABY. We hire birth Doulas, we write birth plans, we find the best OB or Midwife, we find a pediatrician, we get all these baby clothes, we focus on bringing the baby home and birthing them.

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Guest Post by Valley Pelvic Health: Bringing Sexy Back

Let’s go there and I mean “down there”. We all know having a baby is a miracle, but boy does it take a toll on our bodies. Let’s chat about 4 common postpartum issues that are related to the pelvic floor.

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Planning for Postpartum Recover: Placenta Encapsulation

You make sure you cover everything. There is something that most women are forgetting to do, plan for their postpartum recovery. It is just as important as planning for your birth and we want to talk about planning for our postpartum recovery.

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