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Our Top 3 Must Dos for New Parents

Becoming a new parent is often largely focused on the baby, and we want to enjoy babies and focus on them, but we want to share our top three must dos for new parents to not for get about YOU.

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Postpartum is not the Same as Postpartum Depression

Both parents experience a monumental transition upon the arrival of their little one(s). What does this look like? Does it always include Postpartum Depression? How long is the Postpartum period of time? Is it different for each family? Is it different after each baby?

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Does Placenta Encapsulation Prevent Postpartum Depression?

Why is the postpartum period so hard in America? What can we do to change and improve postpartum recovery for new moms? Most women spend hours preparing for their birth, they take the childbirth education class, they have their doula, the birth plan, the best provider and everything is all set up for baby.

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