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Winchester Acupuncture for Pregnancy: Colleen Porter Acupuncture, LLC

Colleen Porter is an Acupuncturist in Winchester, Virginia and has been practicing Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture for 13 years! Her skill and support of families and individuals in the Shenandoah Valley area has been amazing and we want to share her expertise with you!

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Pregnant, Minus the Glow...

Okay so you're pregnant! You're excited about having a baby, but not about pregnancy itself. Most of our blogs are pretty informative, today's blog is simply about validation and support.

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I'm Over Being Pregnant

In the first trimester, you might be excited, but with morning sickness, the time seems to drag on. By your second trimester you feel good, you look good and you're maternity clothes look adorable. When the third trimester finally hits, a day seem to last a week and a week seems to last a month...

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