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Our Top 3 Must Dos for New Parents

Becoming a new parent is often largely focused on the baby, and we want to enjoy babies and focus on them, but we want to share our top three must dos for new parents to not for get about YOU.

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What to Expect: How Will My Labor Start

Is it really like the movies? Water breaking and gushing all over Isle 12 of the grocery store followed by intense contractions, contraction so intense you’ll be pushing your baby out in less than an hour? No, it’s not really like the movies, especially for those giving birth for the first time.

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Dads: You Have A Baby on The Way

You've received the exciting news that a baby is on the way! Maybe you're a mix of excited, nervous, cautious, and ready to go all out. All of those feelings are okay! This is a big transition and while you are not growing the baby, you'll be there the whole time as your partner's main support person.

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