The Best Gender Reveal Ideas

There are so many fun ways to announce the gender of your new little one. Virginia is for Doulas picked our top 5 favorite gender reveal ideas to share with you today! Out with the old, in with the new, that's the way to do your genera reveal these days. Any excuse to have a party and cake is acceptable, speaking of cake, that brings us to our first favorite gender reveal idea.

#1 Colored cake frosting. 

Every party calls for cake, with this reveal idea the couple will cut open the cake to reveal the correct colored frosting inside. Will it be blue or pink?

#2 Colored balloons to release.

Just like cake, balloons are appropriate for every perfect party. Have your party planner place blue or pink balloons inside a box, gather your closest friends and family, and open the box to see whats inside! This may not be the best idea for the environment, letting balloons go and all, but it is a fun way to announce to the world.

#3 Piñata reveal. 

This basic idea can be tailored to fit your preferences. You can have a balloon piñata that pops to reveal pink or blue glitter. You can have a piñata that your older children can hit open to reveal the gender - fill it with colored candy, blue or pink rose petals, tissue paper, mustaches, bows, or glitter. You pick!

#4 Paint reveal.

Like the piñata, you can use paint in several fun to reveal the gender of your baby. Fill balloons with paint and have a dart contest between the couple to reveal the gender. Get a little messier and have a paint fight. Fill a bottle with blue or pink paint, at the ready squeeze the paint at the partner or drawing board, involve the older siblings and have them cover the parents in paint.

#5 3D/4D reveal.

Gather your closest friends and family and head to First Impressions 3D/4D Ultrasound in Stephens City, Virginia and settle in with cake, balloons and reveal your baby's gender together! Record the big event and share it with the rest of the world after you let your excitement sink in

Make your day perfect by having a planner and photographer to capture all the special moments and expressions of the day. What was your favorite gender reveal party idea?

Team Pink. Team Blue.