The Best OB in Winchester, Virginia

Time to head to Google to find an OB or Midwife.

The downside to Google and mommy group questions to find an Obstetrician in Winchester is that the responses are unique to the individual. When looking for a care provider for pregnancy and delivery women find that they might not want to stick with their regular well-woman care provider. They may be searching for something different, so who is the best OB in Winchester, Virginia? 

Sorry, that's a trick question because there is no real answer. The best OB in winchester will be the best OB if they fit what a woman is looking for, and each woman is looking for something different.

Virginia is for Doulas loves to work with all of the OBs and Midwives in Winchester, but they do have their favorite practice to work with. What is even better is that the OBs and Midwives in Winchester love to work with Virginia is for Doulas, too!

What to look for in an OB practice in Winchester, VA?

As families let the excitement of expecting sink in, they get down to business and find a care provider and birthing facility that will fit their wishes and needs.

What is most important? 

Some families pick their provider based on the NICU level the facility they deliver at offers. Some families pick their provider based on it being an all male, all female or mixed gendered practice. Some families choose their provider based on their cesarean or vbac statistics. Some families choose their provider based on their friend's recommendations. Some families pick their provider based on their prestigious offerings, such as high-risk specialization, low-risk care, or training and experience. All woman have something that matters most for their care and finding the provider that best fits that is important. 

Dont know where to begin?

Not all families find this to be an easy process. Some seek out a professional Doula help to pick their provider. A birth doula is a professional support person that supports birthing families in their choices, navigating the unknown, and feeling secure during this journey to parenthood. The Virginia is for Doulas Team has years of first hand experience IN your chosen birthing facility and WITH your potential care provider, this opens the doors for questions and ease of mind.

Women can schedule a consultation with a chosen practice to see how they mold with the provider office, this enables families to pick a provider that meets most of their needs.

Find a support group. According to one Oxford Study, women with exceptional support in pregnancy and delivery have lower rates of depression, increased satisfaction and quality of life during this big transition. Finding a local support group or Birth and Postpartum Doula can help women and their partners feel connected, heard, secure and validated during this life transition.

Happy searching!