The Moment You First Meet Your Baby

Birth Photography encompasses more than the second your baby is born!

Birth photography covers those moments of labor, of calm, of laughter, of question, it captures it all. The journey of the day you became parents to this particular baby will forever be captured and stored as a precious memory to visually look back on.

Birth Photography for Winchester and Leesburg Families

What exactly does this look like? I am sure you have questions, everyone does, what will birth photography look like for your family? The beauty of customized support is that you have a chance to discuss your photo wishes and shots prior to the big day! Think of it like a planning session. You get the chance to chat with Shannon, our amazing maternity, birth and newborn photographer, and tell her what you are looking for and discuss expectations and what the process looks like. 

Some families want shots of every second of the birth, some do not want any shots of the actual birth, some want shots of them laboring with their partner, pushing and then immediately after their baby is out and on their chest. We could go on talking about WHAT it could look like, but it would serve you so much better to connect directly with Shannon to discuss Birth Photography and what you are specifically looking for.

Why is birth photography worth it?

Because photos capture the emotions and the feelings you experience the day you become parents to your first, second, third and so on baby.  You will always remember those moments, but over time they will fade, birth photography keeps that day close to your heart with photos to look back on the experience with.

Book your birth photography as early as you can to ensure that the photographer you want for your team has space!

The best time to book your maternity, birth and newborn photographer is in the second trimester. You are feeling better, you have more energy and you can get a recommendation from your Doula or provider on who in your are is experienced and captures photography in the style you prefer.