The Virginia is for Doulas Difference

Want to learn more about Virginia is for Doulas?

As you search for the perfect provider, birthing location and then the perfect doula, we are here to support you. This is your birth and you want the best team by your side. What is special about our support at Virginia is for Doulas? To begin,  we are a group of doulas that pulls together 15+ years of experience and all of our knowledge and experience is within your reach. Your two doula team is matched to fit your needs, but it does not stop there. Two doulas? Yes!

We work in teams of two!

We do not work with back up doulas- we have something better- teams! Teams brings you a personal touch, twice the experience, twice the support, and assurance that one of the doulas you know, knows you, your partner, your birth plan, your provider and how your pregnancy has been will be at your birth. You spend your pregnancy getting to know your doulas, the last thing you want is a back up you never met and know little about showing up to support you on your special day. Both doulas will meet you at the consultation, be available via email and phone support throughout your pregnancy, both doulas will be at the prenatal meeting, one of them will be at the birth, and then the postpartum follow up.

How do we work with providers?

Virginia is for Doulas and all of its affiliated doulas proudly work professionally along side providers in our community. Providers have a big responsibility and we appreciate what they do, by building good relationships with providers who respect their patients and their choices, we are able to better support you during your birth.

Who do we support?

In short, we support all birthing families. ProDoula, the certifying organization that the owners have chosen for all doulas working with VIFD, promotes nonjudgmental support. So if you plan on having an epidural in the hospital, no epidural in the hospital, a home birth, a birth center birth, or a planned cesarean, we will be there to support you, answer your questions, help you feel in control, and secure as you welcome your little one.

What is our training like?

Our training is top notch, we would never provide you with anything but the best, each doula trains and certifies through various training organizations. On top of that our doulas voluntarily participate in monthly trainings/meetings that include various different topics that are relevant to our work. We are always learning and growing to bring you, the absolute best.

Virginia is for Doulas looks forward to supporting you and your family.