Turning My Breech Baby

Turn baby, turn. When your baby is breech.

Sometimes your baby bean will shift in the womb, into a non  optimal birthing position and need a little help adjusting. Breech is the term doctors use when your baby shifts with their bottom facing the birth canal.

This position can be challenging during labor, increasing the need for medical intervention when the mother is having difficulty delivering.

In most breech cases, the uterine ligaments and muscles are either too tight and asymmetrical (twisted or torqued) or too loose causing the baby to become positioned in an awkward way. A mother's pelvis can be slightly out of alignment because of various daily activities performed over long periods of time like driving and carrying heavy objects on the hip.

Breech babies can sometimes be gradually shifted in the womb to encourage a safer and more optimal position.

Chiropractors can loosen the ligaments by doing the Webster Technique and adjusting the sacrum. A vertical twist or a "buckled" sacrum will let the baby put their head down more readily because the mother's bones aren't getting in the way.

Chiropractic Assistance

We are extremely fortunate to have Berryville Family Chiropractic in our area to provide resources for local families of all ages. The team at Berryville are skilled in alleviating breech baby complications and shifting babies in the womb. The Chiropractors here offer extensive information on safe chiropractic care for baby.

Flexibility is a big part of comfort measures during labor, and chiropractic adjustments can be a big relief for mom and baby during pregnancy and preparations for birth.


Some women prefer alternative medicine and treatments to manage pain and discomfort during their pregnancy. Acupuncture utilizes certain pressure points on the body to alleviate pain, stress, discomfort and regulate certain bodily functions. Acupuncture therapy combined with traditional Moxibustion have been known to successfully re-position breech babies to avoid cesarean procedures.

Moxibustion incorporates acupuncture point stimulation, heat and Chinese herbs to encourage the production of placental estrogen and prostaglandin. These hormones encourage uterine contractions, allowing the baby to shift.

Moxibustion and acupuncture treatments are administered differently and at various stages of pregnancy, with an impressive success rate.

 ECV; External Cephalic Version

ECV is using a massage pattern to encourage your baby to rotate in a gentle somersault. Your midwife or care provider administers medication to relax your uterus and slowly massages your baby into an appropriate position. This is only performed close to a woman's due date, if the baby can be easily moved and after a series of tests and monitoring to identify the baby's position and vitals. Risks are minimal with this method making this a favorable option for breech rearrangement. Certain exercises can also be done to encourage a baby to rotate, under the supervision and instructions of your midwife and care provider.

Breech happens!

If your baby is breech not all hope is lost and there are plenty of resources to help your baby to safely shift into a safer position for birth. Talk to your labor doula about resources for adjusting your breech pregnancy and ways to keep your birth a safe and comfortable experience for mom and baby.

Sometimes breech babies do not turn for whatever reason, in this case if your care provider is not comfortable with breech vaginal delivery they will suggest a cesarean for safest delivery. Take time to talk to your provider about your options and their experiences.