Twins on the Way?

Are you expecting twins soon?


Expecting one baby is a big transition for your family, whether it is your first or second child. Expecting multiples can be a whole different ball game! The transition from a family of two to four can be made easier with set up and support and we want to tell you what we do for our multiples families in hopes of offering the support you might be looking for.

Setting yourself up for multiples success

Doing it alone is possible, but so very hard. You've got double the baby, double the breastfeeding sessions, double the bottles, double the diapers, double the burping and soothing, double the crib and everything else, but you do not get double the amount of time in your day and you still have to get sleep, return to work, eat and care for yourself and your other family members. 

The setting up

Pregnancy is the time to search for expert help, baby gear, nursery set up, figuring out what your breastfeeding or bottle feeding or mix of both plan will be, and so much more.

Finding support for your postpartum transition is so important

Expert support will ensure that you and your family have someone that you know, knows you and your goals and is available to you from the moment your babies arrive until you feel confident enough to venture into this whole parenting thing yourself. 

Expert support will be there as a resource during delivery, potential NICU stays, coming home, and the first few weeks and months home with your new family.

Expert support will be there as you navigate your breastfeeding or pumping or bottle feeding plan, and they will absolutely be there during that 2am feed when you are working on one of your baby's latches. 

Expert support will be there to help answer your question when you are not sure what systems to put in place to make life with multiples easier.

Expert support will help you get more sleep for the whole family. More sleep means better mental health, a better supply, the ability to return to work or run your own business better, the ability to wake up and conquer the day and thrive.

What will postpartum support look like?

Postpartum support for your family will look different for you than it does for our other clients, because every family has different needs! Your goals may be to have the support of our Newborn Care Specialists/Postpartum Doulas to stay for overnights and enable you to have night time breastfeeding support AND achieve more sleep. Your goals may be to have daytime support from our Newborn Care Specialists/PP Doulas so that you can complete the tasks you want to do, have help with newborn care, errands and so much more!

Whatever your goals are, peace of mind is guaranteed, every time. If you are considering postpartum support for you and your family, reach out to learn more about your options.