Updated L&D Visitor Policy at Winchester Medical Center

We could not be more excited to take a deeper look at Winchester Medical Center's updated Labor & Delivery room Policy. 

The old policy limited the number of people you could have in your labor and delivery room to 3. That's a good number, but also no switching. Generally this would be partner, doula and a mom/mother in law, no room for a birth photographer or another family member. And no switching meant that who ever went in first, well, that was it!

The new labor and delivery policy

As doulas recently we've been able to experience the new policy first hand and we love it! Get this- four people in your room with switching allowed! 

This means you can have your partner, your doula, birth photographer, a family member and then an additional friend/family switch out! Not everyone wants to stay for the whole labor- and you might not want them too- but it's a lovely option to have them say hello here and there.

Restrictions for the new policy 

As always, WMC strives to help you have a wonderful, safe birth expeirce. Sometimes the new policy will be limited again such as during flu season, some other reason, or a medical issue that requires the room to be cleared. The great thing about having a Doula on your team is that they can help your friends and family understand what's going on, where to go and what comes next! And the hospital staff is familiar with the Virginia is for Doulas team- so you know they are excited to see us too! 

How to get your visitors

Like the old policy, visitors will need to sign in and get banded. These bands let the staff know that your L&D visitor understands the rules and is checked in  with the staff. Should you want to switch a friend for a grandma or vise versa, they simply need to get a band and sign in! It's pretty easy thanks to the dedication of Winchester Medical Center Staff! 

Dont forget to take a tour of the labor and delivery facility to familiarize yourself with everything.