VBAC Delivery: 3 Tips for a Successful VBAC

Your goal is a VBAC, where do you start? 

We all understand the typical things to help you achieve your goal of a VBAC delivery, but we want to dig a little deeper into those categories. Support is important. Your chosen care provider is important. Your preparation is important. But how and why and where do you begin as you prepare for a VBAC.

Getting technical, you are going for a TOLAC ( Trial of Labor After Cesarean) once you've delivered your baby, you have had a VBAC (Vaginal Delivery After Cesarean). ACOG has been working hard to help reduce Primary Ceaarean section rates and increase VBAC rates to have healthy mothers and babies. When the focus shifted to helping not only to prevent primary cesareans, but to increase support for VBAC  to increase the number of women achieving VBAC.

Additional Care for your VBAC journey

Chiropractic Care is our Tip #1. Think of your body and the journey your baby has to make through the birth canal. The pelvis is the passage that the baby will go through, so ensuring this passage is aligned properly is essential.  Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy will not only help alleviate back pain, sciatica pain, but will also keep your pelvis aligned to help the birthing process along. Caring for your pelvis, Passage, is part of ensuring the three Ps of labor move smoothly along. 

Yoga and learning about yourself is our Tip #2. The mind is as powerful as we think and your mind plays a big role in your delivery. Here is how your mind influences your delivery. Believing in yourself is most important. Believing that you are powerful, that you are in charge, that you chose the perfect provider for your birth, that you trust your provider to help you make the best decisions, that you trust your birth team will support your 100%. To believe in yourself, come to know yourself. Yoga, meditation, Hypnobirthing Course or Reading, goal setting, these can all prepare you to accomplish your goals, but to know yourself better.

Talking with your provider is our tip #3. This isn't the birth planning you are thinking of, though birth plans can be helpful. You will spend time determining what to put on them and more importantly talking with your provider. Delivery location is important, the protocols, policies and the location's support of VBAC delivery. Recently INOVA Loudoun's vbac options have changed, the vote was cast to strip VBAC privileges from Loudoun Community Midwives and women are finding that they are searching elsewhere for VBAC support. VBAC at Winchester Medical Center in Winchester is a great option, along with NOVANT Health in Haymarket. When you sit down with your provider talk about what is most important to you. Your motoring goals, your movement goals, your pain management goals, time limit goals, pushing goals, and so on. Your provider may be open to hearing your suggestions even if they are not normal for that practice, what is key, is opening up communication between you and your provider. This is how you really work with your chosen care team.