What a Pelvis can Teach you About Childbirth

The Pelvis, The Baby, The Uterus (aka Power)

These three things come together and must work correctly for birth to happen! Childbirth Education prepares you for what to expect in the third trimester,  what to expect when labor begins, starts and stops again, what your partner can expect, what each stage of labor looks like, how to stay comfortable through each stage of labor, what to expect after the arrival of your baby and those first few weeks home and basic breastfeeding.

Back to the pelvis

One of our Childbirth Educator's favorite parts of our class is where we review the three Ps of labor. The Pelvis (passage) the Passenger (baby) and the Power (uterus) are the focus of the three P's of labor and we believe they are a very important part of your childbirth education class. Understanding the signs and stages of labor are very important, but understanding the process of birth is also important for understanding the mechanisms of birth and what happens, why it happens and how you and your support team can help it along.

The Pelvis 

The pelvis can be influenced from the moment of conception, really before, but our focus will be in pregnancy. The pelvis is the passage which the baby will engage into and pass through during delivery. Pelvis alignment in the third trimester can influence baby's engagement before labor starts, it can also influence the entire birth process. In our classes we talk about exactly how the pelvis influences birth and how you can work with the pelvis to make things optimally aligned to support a better birthing process!

The Baby

Despite common belief the baby does not just hang out in the uterus and do nothing during the birthing process! During Childbirth the baby makes movements and rotations into the pelvis, through the pelvis, and out the birth canal to make the birthing process possible! We teach you about how smart they are and how they work with you to make the labor go smooth! So think about it, while you are working hard to bring your baby into this world, your baby is working hard as well! 

The Uterus

The Uterus is the part of labor that most people know the most about. We all know about contractions and how they are needed for the baby to be born vaginally. We know about augmenting labor with pitocin if contractions are not strong enough, but often times we consider contractions and the power of the uterus to be the only player in the labor game. 

We can work in pregnancy to ensure that the pelvis is well aligned, the baby is in a good position, and that the uterus is strong. Once labor begins things move optimally when the pelvis is aligned, the baby is in an optimal head down position, and the power of the uterine contractions are strong enough to progress labor from start to finish with no issues.

Sometimes one of the Ps is not doing it's job

As we mentioned above, the uterus, the pelvis and the baby all influence birth. Sometimes things are slow in labor or need augmentation because one of the three is not where it should be. Your doula team can help with movement during labor to keep things progressing, a calm reassuring presence to help labor progress because you feel supported and safe, the occasional myles circuit to help contractions or just support as you explore your options. Your provider will help with uterine power if other things are not working. And prior to labor you can see your chiropractor to help with pelvic alignment.

The Pelvis, Passenger, and Passage: three important parts of birth