What are My Birth Center Options in Harrisonburg, Virginia?

Harrisonburg has a fabulous birthing center option that you must know about

Imagine walking in to Brookhaven Women's Health and Natural Birth Center, you take a look around and you immediately feel warm, comfortable, and secure. The colors, the receptionist, the midwives, the prenatal room, the class room, and the beautiful birth rooms bring it all home. This is where you want to give birth. This is where you always imagined it would happen.

What is special about Brookhaven?

Brookhaven currently has a team of midwives and student midwives. While it is a team, you are still working with a small practice and receiving personalized care throughout your entire pregnancy. Should you need it, their center is just across the street from Sentara RMH. Prenatal visits last about an hour. A whole hour of getting to know your midwife, having your questions answered, listening to your baby, and discussing your birth. When the big day has arrived, you come to the birth center and you have the option of laboring (and birthing) in one of their beautiful garden tubs. When your baby emerges, the environment will be calm, quiet, and just as you want it. Brookhaven is a hub of community connection and resources. There are many amazing things about Brookhaven, we just wanted to take the time to point out a few.

How do I meet the midwives and see the center?

Take a quick look at their photo tour.  If you are ready to have a consultation with a team member, give the office a call at (540) 437-9850 and schedule your consultation and tour. The consultation is a time for you to discuss what is in the package, price, insurance, the midwives' training, prenatal set up, lab work, ultrasounds, emergency skills, transfer rates, reasons for transfer, are you low risk, and any other questions you might have about your birth/history/or curiosity. They are there to answer your questions.

Then what?

Were they a good fit? Did they answer all of your questions? Is this the birth you want? Sign and follow all the paperwork instructions and begin your midwifery care.

If you are looking for out-of-hospital birth or a birth center birth in Harrisonburg, this is an option you must explore!