What are the Benefits of Birth Doula Support?

Doula support for your birth… is it worth it?

Photo Credit:  Belle Lola Photography

Professional Birth Doulas bring many benefits to families as they welcome their babies! When we discuss Doulas, in this context we mean trained, experienced Doulas who are hired by families to support their birth. Sometimes families members have their friends or family members as their “ doulas” when they are not trained, experienced support people. We wanted to make that distinction so that our post makes sense!

Birth Doulas KNOW Birth and they KNOW Birth Options

Professional Birth Doulas are experts in birth and can help you navigate your birth regardless of what it turns out like. Water breaks early with no contractions? Your Doula knows what to do, knows how to support you, your doula can share with you what to expect and your doula can help you navigate your options.

However your labor starts, however long your labor is, your Doula will help you navigate that and know what to expect!

Birth options, or your options for care, interventions and so on are very important to many birthing families. Birth Doulas understand what your options are because they have spent so much time studying birth and reading about birth as well as staying up to date with local hospital policies. Doulas then take their knowledge and help support YOU in a way that fits with YOUR birth vision.

Birth Doulas know your hospital well and know local providers

When your doula has helped you know when labor has officially started, when to go into the hospital, your doula will be familiar with the hospital, the staff, and the providers! This benefits you in a way that no other support person can!

They know the ins and the outs of your hospital and can help you navigate your options and communicate well with your provider and the staff. They know how to move the bed for optimal positioning, they know how to use the shower/tubs, they know where things are that will help you stay comfortable in labor and reach your birthing goals!

All of this knowledge is helpful and reassuring to both you and your partner as you welcome your baby!

Birth Doulas are able to help you reach your goals

Birth Doulas have lots of experience with many variations of normal and what labor can look like for different people. That knowledge will help you navigate what your labor looks like and your Doula will help you continue to reach as many of your goals that you have set for yourself, by helping you navigate labor.

Birth Doulas from the Virginia is for Doulas team will support you non judgementally in achieving your birth goals, helping you make changes, choose options, navigate interventions and however your birth goes, you will have professional support by your side helping you and your partner and additional support persons feel excited, grounded and supported throughout the entire process!