What IS a Birth Doula??

What is a Doula? I'm curious!

" Oh, we thought about a Doula but wanted to have our baby in the hospital." An exact quote I have heard more than once, because there are still so many misconceptions about WHAT A DOULA IS! " We thought about a doula but I wanted an epidural." The list goes on. Sometimes we blog about really important topics and forget about the smaller topics that are also really important, such as what is a doula!

A Doula comes to support you through your pregnancy and your birth and your postpartum recovery. 

What does a doula do during your pregnancy?

Birth or Labor Doulas begin to get to know you in pregnancy. They are available to you throughout pregnancy when you have questions, concerns or want to create a plan to achieve your birth goals. When you have questions that you haven't had a chance or don't have time to ask your provider, call your doulas! When you want to know about hospital policies and how they align with your plan or simply understand what to expect when you are delivering at your chosen hospital, your doula will answer those questions for you! They will help you understand what to expect and what will work best for you and your pregnancy.

When labor is close, and the end of pregnancy is frustrating and exciting, your doula is there to listen and offer suggestions for staying as comfortable as possible. When labor finally starts!!! What comes next? Is it time to go in is it time to wait? How do you stay comfortable in early labor? Not to worry, your doula will walk you through all of that and offer suggestions that align with your plans.

What does a doula do during labor?

Doula support in labor is so unique, it's not easy to put it in writing, but we will do our best. Each family hires a doula looking for unique support and that is the support you will get when labor begins. Depending on your plan and how things are going, your doula will tailor her support to fit those needs and ensure that regardless, you and your partner are supported. No matter how you are planning to give birth, you will have questions, things will come up that you didn't plan on, you may need to make choices on interventions, you may have to even change your plans.

Your doula will be there for you and your partner for every choice, change, and contraction as you labor to welcome your sweet baby.

Doula support will help you and your partner feel grounded, relieved, relaxed, calm, supported and reassured. Reassured that all of the little things are cared for and you and your partner can focus on meeting your sweet baby very soon.