What IS Lactation Support?

What is lactation support?

Lactation support will help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Lactation support covers pumping, weaning, supplementation while you breastfeed and so much more.

Have you ever shared your struggles with someone around you and the only help they could offer was personal experience, which is valuable, but it does not quite fit YOUR issues or share the same history?

You share your story and what is going on as you look for support on navigating that issue and making things better.

We need better support for women who are breastfeeding or feeding their babies breast milk. This comes from personalized care and support as they navigate breastfeeding their baby.

Your baby is here!

Your baby is here, they are in your arms and now it is time for the first latch. Most hospitals in our area, like Winchester Medical Center and INOVA Loudoun and StoneSprins have Lactation Support staff to help you during your first few days as a mother. The first few days are important for establishing a good rhythm, help your supply come in nicely at 3-5 days, and answer all of your initial questions.

Lactation support once you are home

Once you arrive home, you have had a few days of your breastfeeding or pumping journey, you have begun to get to know your baby, your baby’s personality is beginning to show through, and issues arise, where can you find lactation support? What is lactation support? Why is it important and how can it help you?

In home Lactation support matters

In home lactation support is important for a few reasons. The first reason in-home lactation support is important is because you do not want to leave your house with a new baby. The second is being in your own environment makes for a more comfortable navigation of what is going on and implementing a plan. And next the support is customized to your goals, needs, and the support you are given matches those goals and needs.

Lactation support should look different for each family based on their needs.

Parenting is not a one size fits all and neither is a breastfeeding journey.

To finally answer the question, what IS lactation support. Lactation support will help you navigate breastmilk supply issues. Lactation support will help you navigate latch issues. A bad latch can be the undoing of any breastfeeding relationship. Lactation support can help you with a pumping/breastfeeding and formula feeding schedule. Lactation support can help you with a pumping schedule. Lactation support can help you with weaning.

Lactation support from our lactation specialist will meet you where you are at, find out where you want to go, and help you get there. Having someone support you, 100%, non-judgementally that not only has personal experience, but professional experience to help you navigate al different scenarios will make you feel confident about your breastfeeding journey!