What to Do When Your Baby Hates Swaddling

You've been told swaddling is the thing to do!

"swaddle the baby and they'll love it" but your baby seems to hate it.

"when they are fussy, swaddle them and they will calm down." but your baby seems to get angrier when you try to swaddle them to calm them. 

Your baby always breaks out of the swaddle and then they seem to be more frustrated.

Do you all fall under any of those statements? Not to worry, we've got some tips for you!

Tips for swaddling your baby

Our number one tip is to ensure you have a big enough swaddle blanket. Most, flannel swaddle blankets are just not big enough to swaddle your baby tightly enough to keep them from constantly breaking loose. The gauze swaddles are our absolute favorites for this because they are breathable and big enough!

Try swaddling when your baby is more calm than upset. This will enable you to get a good swaddle and set them down for their nap/bed time or put them to sleep.

If a blanket just is not doing it for you, try a swaddler that is all ready to go! There is no shame in this parenting game if you enlist the help of gadgets that are already put together and ready for your baby! Those velcro straps can really keep your baby in that swaddle and make it easy for middle of the night diaper changes.

My final tip is to see how your baby likes to naturally sleep and swaddle accordingly. Some babies do NOT like both hands tucked in, some want their left hand by their face, some want the right hand by the face. Some will want a left or right hand up, but not directly by the face! Follow their lead on that and see how your baby does with that!

I hope you enjoy the photos below of our lovely client, her baby, and myself demonstrating my favorite swaddle with a gauze swaddle blanket. 

Tucking in the arms and having a blanket long enough to wrap around and tuck is so important for a solid swaddle that will stay and be comfortable for your baby!