What to Expect: Birthing at Winchester Medical Center

Preparation and what to expect at Winchester Medical Center

So Valley Health's Labor and Delivery at Winchester Medical Center is where you will be welcoming your newest addition? We know there is so much to do as you prepare for the arrival of your baby! Picking a name, baby showers and baby registries , choosing a pregnancy care provider, hiring a Doula in Winchester, preparing the nursery for baby ( so they can not sleep in it - we all know how that works), packing for the hospital and literally one hundred other things that you have to do to prepare for your baby's arrival.  Perhaps you are here looking for answers because you will now be delivering at Winchester Medical Center instead of Warren Memorial like you had planned, before the L&D in Front Royal closes, or perhaps you have been planning it all along and you simply want to know what to expect.

Baby's arrival is a big deal and you want to be ready

We get it, being prepared helps you feel at ease, relaxed, like you have one less thing to worry about. Your Doulas can help you navigate WMC once you arrive, but if you do not have a doula, what can you expect? What do you need to know? How does WMC fit in with your goals, be they natural childbirth, epidural birth, or cesarean? Is family allowed? What is it really like outside of the tour at WMC that you can opt to participate in? Let us tell you!

In truth, Winchester Medical Center is one of the best hospitals to give birth at in the Shenandoah Valley! Your provider choices for WMC are Winchester Women's Specialist and Winchester OBGYN. Your provider will be there at different times throughout your labor and at the end when your baby is being born (literally).

  • Winchester Medical Center has several options for monitoring during labor
  • Their nursing staff is fabulous and most of them are familiar with natural birth
  • Unfortunately, they do not have tubs (yet), but they do have showers you can utilize during labor
  • They have a peanut ball and a birth ball in every L&D room at Winchester Medical Center
  • Winchester Medical Center likes working with professional doulas- promise this is a good thing and says a lot about them
  • Winchester Medical Center has a fantastic primary cesarean section rate and a high VBAC (success) rate
  • They have rooms with lots of space for laboring
  • They automatically delay cord clamping and have skin-to-skin as part of their first hour after birth
  • The environment is hospital like, but with a doula you can make it more of your own

You may run into staff or a nurse you do not click with, which you can ask for a new nurse, but over all WMC has done a great job in listening to birthing women in the Winchester and surrounding communities  and improving the environment of the hospital and the supportive staff. Your birth may not go as planned, but with great support you can navigate those changes and still have an empowering birth where you are a part of the decision making and welcome your baby with confidence and support.