What to Expect from Virginia is for Doulas

You are at the beginning of your pregnancy or perhaps you are nearing the end of your pregnancy and have decided to add a birth doula to your support team. This is a very special day and you want only the best for your birth team and postpartum support that you can have. With the support of our doulas you will have a two birth doula team, with one of them available to you 24/7 from the moment you sign a contract. You will have someone to listen to your needs, or can speak encouragement to you during those moments you are unsure or filtering through decisions, helping you write your birth plan, provide you with resources to the questions you have, and support your family and all of your wishes. By choosing to hire our birth doulas, one of our postpartum doulas or placenta specialists, you will receive the most compassionate and professional support you could imagine for your birth team.

We are putting your needs first, our only agenda is to give you the best support you could imagine. With our support you will feel confident, supported, honored, relaxed, bonded and ready to take charge of childbirth and parenthood. You can always expect that your doula will work professionally and respectfully with OBs, Midwives, Nurses and birthing assistants. Your doula is helping to promote a calm, confident, smooth transition to motherhood with the choices you have made.

When things change your doula will be able to provide answers, support and resources for each situation be it in pregnancy, childbirth or those early postpartum days as you request. Never will you feel so welcomed and confident in the choices you have made. We are committed to family bonding and offer the only Postpartum Support Group for new parents in the Winchester, Virginia area as well as a Postpartum Support Group for families in Northern Virginia.

Virginia is for Doulas is excited to work with you during this special time.