What to Expect When Birthing at Sentara RMH

What we have to say about RMH, "I love working with the nursing staff and providers at RMH. They have been so supportive of helping moms achieve their goals."

What can you expect at RMH for your birth

We know you want only the best for your pregnancy and birth. We know you have carefully chosen your provider and birthing location, now, when the big day comes, what can you expect?

First, taking a tour of the RMH labor and delivery floor is a great start. Jennifer, will take excellent care of you in showing you the rooms where you will labor and recover, where the nursery is, what the rooms have and do not have and what ever questions you have.

Once the big day is finally here, it is helpful to know exactly where to go so that the transition is smooth. If you have hired a Labor Doula to support you during your labor, she will either meet you at the hospital or at your home, depending on what your preferences are.

At RMH, the Virginia is for Doulas team loves to work with the midwives of Shenandoah Women's Health Care as well the OBs from Harrisonburg OBGYN. Regardless of what your preferences are for your birth, we know that you have chosen the perfect provider for your birth and we are excited to support you.

The Nurses are amazing and caring. They will help you get settled in triage to check in and be sure labor is officially here. Once admitted, you will be moved to a labor room where you will labor and when it is time, deliver.

Your labor room will have a tub/shower in the bathroom, a movable bed, couch or chair, and you will receive your own birth ball should you request one! The shower is perfect for easing back labor or simply relaxing in the tub to ease contractions and help you progress. If your plan is to get an epidural at some point in labor, the nurses or your doula will help you know what to expect and what to do.

The Natural Labor Room is now available to families who are aiming to have a more naturally centered environment for their labor and birth. It's a gorgeous set up with a not so standard bed for laboring and delivery. You can walk into this room and know that everyone around you knows your goals and the environment you are looking for, while also having the convenience of the hospital.

Your postpartum room will be different from your labor room, you will also have different nurses, but they will be just as compassionate about your care. When you are ready to go home you will be given lots of helpful information about postpartum recovery and you will schedule a follow up appointment with your provider.

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