What's Next for Front Royal Families?

What's next for Front Royal Families?

Since the announcement of the closing of the L&D at Warren Memorial, families in Front Royal need to know what their prenatal support options are and what they can expect for current and future pregnancies. For families due soon, their option is to continue care with their prenatal OB or Midwife and then drive to Winchester Medical Center and deliver with the hospitalists or if you really wanted to, switch care to a different location and provider. For families planning a pregnancy there are a few options and time to decide what will fit best for them.

Birthing Location Options for families in Front Royal

Families in Front Royal will no longer have a close L&D unit, so they will need to consider where they want to drive to in order to deliver and welcome their babies. Being in Front Royal puts them in the middle between several hospitals and care providers to choose from. While our team at Virginia is for Doulas prefers Winchester Medical Center because you really cannot find another hospital in the area that is so accommodating to families AND has the statistics to prove how much they care. But some families will want to explore other options, most options form the heart of Front Royal will require a 30-45 mile drive that translates into a 40-60 minute drive to the hospital.

The Family Birth Center at Novant Health UVA Health- Culpeper Medical Center

The FBC in Culpeper is an excellent choice for families to welcome their babies. It is was the first hospital in the state of Virginia to receive the "Baby-Friendly" designation presented by UNICEF and the World Health Organization. Which is a huge accomplishment and does not come easily! This designation shows how the Family Birth Center at Culpeper Medical Center is dedicated to outcomes and a supportive environment for families to give birth. Tubs to labor in, birth balls, peanut balls, educated and supportive nurses, and an environment that supports a reduction in cesarean sections and better birthing outcomes. TFBC gets a good rating from our team as far as places we love to work at and a facility that respects families during their birthing process.

Women's & Children's Center at NOVANT Health Haymarket

NOVANT Health Haymarket is also another option for families from Front Royal looking for a place to welcome their babies! We have worked with the Lake Manassas OBGYN practice and they're great, including our VBAC experiences with them! NOVANT Health has showers and spacious birthing rooms and options for Family Centered Cesareans, if needed. Our team likes attending births here as the staff has been accommodating and supportive of families.

Winchester Medical Center

Winchester Medical Center is one of the most natural birth friendly and supportive hospitals in the area. While they do not have tubs in their rooms, that is in the works for the future to have tubs in a few of the rooms. Families birthing at Winchester Medical Center can choose from Winchester Women's Specialist and Winchester OBGYN, both fabulous practices with Midwives and OB options. Winchester Medical Center has one of the best (lowest) Primary Cesarean Rates and best (highest) VBAC rates families can find in this area. That says a lot about Winchester Medical Center!

Birth Center Options

Families who are comfortable with out of hospital birth can look into the midwives at Premier Birth Center (located in Winchester, right off of 81 with two beautiful birthing rooms - water birth included) and Marshall Midwifery and Birth Center ( located right off of 66 in Marshall)!

Wherever families choose to give birth, there are a few great options to choose from! First time moms might worry about making it to the hospital in time, but there is often plenty of time for families to make it to the birthing facility!