When Motherhood isn't as Pretty as Planned

The glow. The sleeping. The waking up when you are ready. The going to sleep easily. The smooth transit- okay let's be honest. The truth is motherhood is hard regardless of how great it is. Spilled milk, apple sauce on the ceiling, crushed cheerios in the couch cushions, the same movie over and over again and adorable smiles and hugs from your little love.


You absolutely love your child. You are so grateful for them. You wouldn't trade being a mother for anything.


Sometimes, you just dont know where to begin.

Some ideas to try

Have a play date with another mom. This give your child entertainment and distraction. You get adult company and your baby has a friend to interact with. Have a date night alone with your partner. Dress up and have a blast. Go out with some mom friends. Most importantly, give yourself grace. Allow yourself to adjust to the ups and downs of children and motherhood. Allow yourself to have down days where you do nothing but hang out and play with your little one.  Allow yourself work days where you focus on working around the house. Allow yourself to let your child watch movies on days where you just need a rest and cannot get to the color/number flash cards. Allow yourself to order take out dinner when it would be really helpful. Allow yourself to enjoy motherhood. Again, give yourself grace to go with those ups and downs. No two children are alike and your experience of motherhood isn't necessarily going to be like your friend's or neighbor's experience, and that is okay.

You are an amazing mother.