Why Bengkung Belly Binding?

  In short, why not? Bengkung belly binding is traditionally a Malaysian form of binding the belly postpartum to support the abdominal muscles as they heal, support the Lowe back as the abs heal, support the hips as they come back together and relaxin leaves your system, and it helps your posture. All in a safe, supportive, pretty way. You won't find synthetic materials, bones or Velcro in our postpartum belly binds and here is why:

  • Bengkung belly binds are made of cotton which is a breathable fabric
  • Bengkung belly binds are wrapped around the body from hips to just under the breast, this allows the wrapping to change and adapt to your postpartum body. Supporting as needed and as your postpartum body slims and heals.
  • Bengkung belly binds can be worn above or below the shirt and are beautiful enough to do so.
  • Bengkung belly binds, because of the way it is wrapped, can be used starting at 5 days postpartum with a vaginal delivery or 5-6 weeks postpartum after a cesarean delivery until several years later. Whenever you need support, your bind is there and can be used to wrap and support your body just how it needs.
  • The hips are open and so is the pelvis after delivery, as relaxin leaves your body, supporting the hips provides comfort and prevents injury. It creates a feeling of closure and security as your body heals from birth.
  • Bengkung belly binding can be used in pregnancy for SPD or a pendulous abdomin.
Postpartum belly band
Postpartum belly band

Several members of our team are trained to teach you how to bind your belly during pregnancy or postpartum.

What can you expect from a session?

  • After contacting the office via phone or email, you will recieve your invoice and information on who will be coming to your session.
  • Each session lasts about an hour. It covers benefits, you have some time to talk about your specific concerns, and then you recieve hands on instructions on how to wrap, when and for how long.
  • If you have a color preference on your bind, be sure to let Tiffany or our office manager know! We stock a variety of colors, plain and Baltik.
  • Enjoy!
  • Spread the word! Many postpartum mothers suffer from Diastasis and don't know that there is an easy support system for that, let them know about Bengkung belly binding through Virginia is for Doulas.