Why Do I Still Look Pregnant?

" I cannot wait to get back to exercising and why do I still look pregnant?!"

Many women are surprised or even frustrated to find themselves looking 5 months pregnant immediately after they have given birth. Your baby came out, so why is there this round belly? In pregnancy there are many changes, your abs separate a little, you put on extra weight for energy/breastmilk, your hips widen and all of your organs move out of the way for your growing uterus.

These changes are normal. After you are cleared for exercise postpartum you can begin to build your work out routine up again. However, there is something we also recommend considering to help your postpartum body recover: Bengkung Belly Binding. Bengkung Belly Binding is not a quick fix, but rather something that supports and enhances your postpartum recovery specifically in the abdominal and lower back areas.

In many traditional cultures, belly binding postpartum is considered an indispensable part of the postpartum recovery process, in America it is a little less well known. I'm sure you have heard of a belly band that you can purchase off of Amazon, those are great, but they do not come close to a Bengkung Belly Binder.

Here is why. In our Belly Binding classes we go over benefits in detail and show you how to wrap your pregnant or postpartum belly. Here are some of the Bengkung Belly Binding Benefits:

  • Breathable - this is one of the big differences between a belly band you can typically find
  • Supportive of your hips, abs, lower and mid back
  • It is not synching in your waist, it is supporting your muscles so that they can heal and recovery in their own time
  • Helpful with Diastasis from pregnancy
  • Gives a feeling of security

Pregnant or a few weeks postpartum you can use the wrap for support and help recovering! That postpartum belly is normal, but there are still things you can do to feel confident, secure, and help the process of healing along. Our classes are unique in that you get one on one time with our trained Postpartum Doulas who are also trained in Bengkung Belly binding. Contact us today for more information.