Why We Adore Attending Births at Culpeper Medical Center

Doulas at Culpeper Medical Center!

Photo Cred: HRDoula & Photography

Photo Cred: HRDoula & Photography

There are many birthing options for families in the Warrenton, Culpeper, Rixeyville and surrounding areas, but The Family Birthing Center at Culpeper Medical Center is by far one of our top choices!

A wonderful environment for birthing families

The nursing staff and providers that we have worked with over the years a Culpeper Medical Center have all been so welcoming to our clients, supportive of their choices and open to Doula support! In addition to that, The family birth center at Culpeper Medical Center was the first facility in Virginia to receive the "Baby-Friendly" designation presented by UNICEF and the World Health Organization.

What does the Baby Friendly Designation mean for you?

Any hospital that has received this designation is proof that this hospital is focused on truly improving birth outcomes, breastfeeding success rates for all families who welcome their babies there.

Birthing tubs and spacious birthing rooms

Birthing tubs are used for hydrotherapy as one of our favorite comfort measures for managing labor without an epidural, but even if you are planning to use an epidural, your Doula can help you use the tub before you get your epidural, or you can avoid it altogether!

The staff and atmosphere is important

We are always seeing birthing outcome statistics shared all over social media and on the news and we know that they are often directly related to the care that laboring and birthing people receive while they welcome their babies. Receiving evidence-based care from compassionate nurses and providers will make all the difference in the world.

We love the atmosphere and staff of the Family Birthing Center in Culpeper and believe that it plays into the amazing care that women receive when they welcome their babies there.

If you are looking for a birthing location near Warrenton, Culpeper, Amissville, Washington etc, consider welcoming your baby at Culpeper Medical Center!