Winchester Acupuncture for Pregnancy: Colleen Porter Acupuncture, LLC

We want to tell you about Colleen Porter Acupuncture,LLC in Winchester

Colleen Porter is an Acupuncturist in Winchester, Virginia and has been practicing Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture for 13 years! Her skill and support of families and individuals in the Shenandoah Valley area has been amazing and we want to share her expertise with you! She is an excellent resource for you to use not only during your healthy pregnancy but also for your families long-term health!

How can Acupuncture help your pregnancy?

Acupuncture, which is safe in pregnancy, can benefit your pregnancy in a few ways. Here at Virginia is for Doulas, we often talk about tools that families can use in pregnancy to prepare for birth and parenting in an optimal way. Giving yourself additional tools beyond your provider and support team can help you have the best pregnancy and birthing experience possible! 

In a pregnancy that is " problem-free" or low-risk Acupuncture can be used to keep you relaxed, with a good flow of energy, mostly pain free and mentally prepared for birth. Starting Acupuncture earlier in pregnancy can allow you to develop a comfortable relationship with Colleen and work on keeping your body healthy and aligned from early on. Acupuncture in early pregnancy can also help with morning sickness, and let's be honest, who would not do anything to help reduce morning sickness?? Later in pregnancy Acupuncture can be used to help back pain and sciatica pain, to keep you as comfortable as possible as your baby and your uterus grows. Acupuncture, a secret tool for sinus problems, allergies, or colds, can help you either avoid medications or help you when there are limited medications that are safe for use in pregnancy!

How can acupuncture help if your baby is breech?

Sometimes, mid pregnancy or at the end of pregnancy we discover our babies are breech and you may be one of the many moms wanting to encourage your baby to turn before delivery. If you decide to go for turning your baby, Acupuncture with Colleen Porter is a fabulous way to help encourage your baby to turn.  

What to expect working with an acupuncturist in pregnancy

Typically you will start with an intake process. Not all issues can be resolved for all people with Acupuncture, but connecting with Colleen ( or your local Acupuncturist) prior to beginning can help you determine the right path for you! If going for regular care in pregnancy, typically you will begin seeing your Acupuncturist at 36 weeks, earlier if there are issues, such as morning sickness that you want to resolve. For breech support, a weekly process will begin at 36 weeks! Acupuncture is an excellent resource for you to have in your toolbox for making pregnancy better and preparing for birth! Reach out to Colleen Porter at Colleen Porter Acupuncture LLC if you want to connect with her!