Winchester Childbirth Education Classes Coming to you!

Childbirth Education has never been so exciting in Winchester!

You and your baby deserve the best, take the Childbirth Education Class taught by Virginia is for Doulas' owner Tiffany Shank as you navigate pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. Learn to communicate with your partner, set goals as well as figure out what will work best for you this time around.

What are the advantages to taking a Childbirth Education Class?

Be this your first or fourth baby, childbirth education classes keep you and your partner up to date on the new research and policies of your chosen birthing facility. Winchester Medical Center and INOVA Loudoun L&D Nurses are amazing, but having the tools you need to prepare for your birth and make decisions with your care provider are priceless.

  • You will feel at home and surrounded by new friends with the couples who join your childbirth education class in Winchester! You can stay in touch and schedule playdates later on.
  • You will find a sense of community and security learning and growing as you prepare for this life changing transition.
  • You will meet your goals and have access to evidence-based resources for childbirth and vetted resources to help you navigate childbirth and early parenting.
  • You will have first hand knowledge about the birth policies and providers you have chosen.
  • Your partner will know how to communicate with you.
  • Your partner will understand the process and feel taken care of.
  • Your goals will be easily understood and you will feel in control of the changes that may occur.
  • You will walk away educated and ready to meet your baby!
  • Join our private CBE Facebook group for couples who take our CBE classes to stay connected and continue discussion with the instructor and students after class has ended!

We can't wait to learn with you! Register for a Childbirth Education class today!