World Doula Week: Our Birth Doula Support

What is all this hype about Doulas?

Happy World Doula Week 2019! Today we are going to talk a little bit about what Birth Doula Support is all about! Birth Doulas are an amazing, invaluable asset to families throughout their pregnancy, labor and delivery.

Birth Doulas impact how you experience birth

Yes, Doulas impact how you experience birth for the better. Our Doulas spend hours, years and a lot of energy investing in their training and expertise that they bring to families while they support them through their pregnancy, labor and birth. The arrival of a baby is a big deal. There are so many unknowns and questions. When will my labor start, how will my labor start? How do I know when to go to the hospital? What is normal in labor? How do I navigate contractions? How long will I push for?

All of those questions you have about labor and birth? Your Doula has an answer. An answer that comes from years of experience and dedication. Birth Doula support takes the worry away from all of those unknowns about labor and birth.

Birth Doulas help the entire family, not just the laboring parent!

How do you help your partner in labor? How do you keep them supported and comfortable? How do have time to focus on your partner and get all the little things done and make sure you are taken care of? Well, your Doula will help you with all of that! Your Doula will help you take care of yourself, keep your partner comfortable in labor and help give you tips to support them as well! When big decisions come up, you will have someone there to help you with the information you need to make the best decisions for you and your baby.

Doula Support is there 24/7

There are many variations of Doula skill, expertise and experience. With Virginia is for Doulas we focus on support 24/7 from the moment of hire until your baby is safely in your arms.

Our values are reliability, professionalism, compassion and education to name a few. And that means that when you go in to labor, or think you are in labor, be in 11pm, 2am, 3pm in the afternoon or several days in a row… your doula will be there guiding you, supporting you and helping you along the way.

Happy World Doula Week 2019! If you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our Labor Doulas, check out their bios!