Childbirth Unlocked! Prepare for your upcoming birth in a fresh way that gives you the keys to success!

Take a moment to imagine exactly what you want your third trimester, birth and postpartum transition to look like... Got it? Okay, now imagine what you need to do to reach that goal. Our "Birth Unlocked" class will give you and your partner the keys to success that will fit with your goals and your needs!

You and your partner are busy, but you want the best for this pregnancy and our childbirth education classes offer you just what you need. We understand that learning, talking about your goals, wishes, fears and personal history are private and not necessarily something you want to share with everyone, so we offer group and private class options. You want time to ask questions and hear answers that are relevant to you. You have come to the right place! Spend time with our Childbirth Education Experts learning about topics that fit your exact needs. This gives you and your partner a class that focuses on YOU, YOUR needs and YOUR goals.

You hold all the power you need to have the best birth experience that you have imagined and understanding the process and how to reach your goals is key. Schedule a class with us to begin your journey to birth and parenting like a boss!

Our group Childbirth Education Classes are perfect for families birthing at Winchester Medical Center, INOVA Loudoun and Premier Birth Center or around the area! Private classes are tailored to your specific birthing location. You will be given the keys to unlock birth for wherever you plan to deliver.

Topics include in-depth information about your birthing location, navigating choices, understanding labor, how labor will start, staying comfortable, medicated and unmedicated pain options, labor practice, hands on comfort measures practice, making choices and more!

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