Lactation Support Services


Breastfeeding looks different for each family and support is essential for your breastfeeding journey! Whether you are expecting and planning ahead or your little one(s) have already arrived and you are seeking support for breastfeeding, we can help! 

Lactation support with our Lactation Consultant will help with latch issues or pain, supply issues or supplementation, pumping and storing breastmilk, weaning and more. 

What does it look like to work with us for lactation support?

We begin by scheduling your initial consultation visit. Our initial consultation includes a complete history, issue assessment and a plan to implement that is tailored to fit you and your baby's needs. If additional follow up visits are needed, they can be scheduled, but typically one visit is sufficient.

Would you like to have one-on-one support for your breastfeeding journey?

Lactation Visits available starting September 5, 2018 in our Winchester office located at 2400 1/2 Valley Ave. Winchester, VA

Do you have additional questions before booking a consultation with our lactation consultant? Reach out to us directly, here.