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"Tiffany is incredible! My husband and I agree she was essential to the success of my all natural vbac! She was very responsive during my 2 days of contractions before labor really started. Once she arrived at my house she helped orient my mind, helped me relax and assessed the situation. At the hospital she was great. Explained what was going on, helped my husband know what to do, and the most important part: was a strong voice of encouragement when I got to the "I can't do this" part! What I didn't expect but really appreciate was after our daughter was delivered, she helped explain what the doctor was doing and what my body was doing in the aftermath. That's something I wasn't prepared for but really appreciated. Its crazy right after delivery and it's not something we talk about during pregnancy so it was helpful to have her there to explain. If/when we have another baby we'll be calling her for sure!"


" Sarah was fabulous! She came to our home, answered questions, offered support and discussed our desire for a home birth. She specifically addressed my husband’s need for extra support (he doesn’t enjoy the grittier side of birth) and how she can help us both. I can not say enough positive things about the quality of support we received from Sarah! I will most definitely be sharing our experience with her! Tiffany, you are running a top notch organization!"
~ Sarah H.

"I highly recommend Virginia is for doulas! They are a great bunch of women. Tiffany has been at three of my births and is wonderful! I always say I couldn’t have done it without her. She is very knowledgeable, helpful and comforting. She brings a sense of peace over the birthing environment. I will definitely have her at any future births." ~ Valerie F. 

"I had Tiffany for our 2nd birth and it was better than I expected! I highly recommend them and if we ever have more children, we'll definitely use a doula again!"
~ Jessica P.

"I highly recommend Virginia is for Doulas! Jocelyn was my doula and she was the best I could ask for. I also recommend placenta encapsulation, as it did wonders with not only my milk supply, but also for my postpartum healing." ~ Abigale P.

"I adore Tiffany!! We used her services as a doula during labor and delivery, for placenta encapsulation, and for her postpartum care. She exceeded expectations every time. During L&D she kept be calm and present and helped me weigh my options when I ended up getting an epidural during the pushing stage. She literally held my head and legs when I pushed my baby girl out into the world, providing much needed physical support for the nurses and my partner. She encapsulated my placenta and provided me with two little jars of pills several days after birth (and packaged them up so nicely!). Finally, we decided last minute to enlist her postpartum services, and she was such a blessing -- woke me up for each feeding and bottlefed my baby as I pumped, and even did the dishes and laundry. Such a huge relief for us! 

In short: Tiffany is kind, peaceful, responsive, hard-working, generous, sweet, incredibly knowledgeable, and just there for you in any way you might need her! I will definitely have her present for any future babies, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula." ~Amanda A.

"Tiffany was a fantastic doula and I highly recommend Virginia is for Doulas. She is calm, warm-hearted, professional, knowledgable, and encouraging. She provided a support system for me and my husband throughout the birth process - supporting us both and taking a team approach to working with the doctor/nurses. She helped us navigate late-pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood. I am so grateful for her services!!" ~Sophia H.

"Jocelyn encapsulated my placenta after the birth of my daughter and was a wonderful, knowledgeable lady. During my labor Tiffany was my doula and she was just amazing! I could not have gotten through so well without her. The most amazing emotional support and encouragement I could have possibly had. I recommend Virginia is for doulas to anybody!" ~Ashleigh A.

"I used the doulas mainly to get a break from the baby, and for advice/support on various new-baby things (getting on a schedule, diaper rash, soothing, nursing, etc) It was great to have an experienced person to run things by, even though I'm a second-timer. We were super happy with VIFD! We really, really appreciated everything these lovely four women did for us." ~Sarah L.

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