Danielle Bonfiglio

Danielle, Birth Doula in Manassas, Virginia

Affiliated Doula serving Northern Virginia and Culpeper


Danielle started her journey as a Doula when she was expecting her second child. She has given birth do all four of her children in different ways and in different locations (hospital, home, then hospital, then home) and knows first hand that everyone needs something different for their birth. She loves to see the reaction people give when she tell them that she gave birth in her grandmother's kitchen. “Was it on purpose?!” “Yes, yes it was. I actually did it twice!” She absolutely loves to plan births, leaving no rock unturned and help families achieve their goals for their birth! She believes that birth should be viewed as an experience to be enjoyed and remembered, not just something to survive. 

Danielle is constantly learning new things and expanding her knowledge. She always learning more about birth and photography; both her passions coming together to tell a woman's story. She will be completing her Newborn Care Specialist Certification in February and is excited to begin working with families postpartum as well.

She is known to be down to earth, confident and a goof; she makes a great listener and a friend. Danielle is happily married with 4 children in Manassas. When she isn't caring for her family, she enjoys video games, Amazon shopping, camping and hiking.

Trainings and certifications:

Birth Doula – Childbirth International
Newborn Care Specialist - Coming soon