Eliza Taylor

Meet Eliza, Childbirth Educator in Winchester, VA


With an invested interest and love for helping families through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, Eliza Taylor has been the resident birth guru among many friends. Whether it's a question about diet or something physical, she is always happy to give an answer or helping hand when she can. Teaching childbirth classes is just one of the ways she has found to use the wisdom and knowledge she has collected from schooling and mentors over the years. 

Eliza knew from a young age she wanted to be involved in the birthing world and began studying midwifery at Sacred Mountain Midwifery School while also juggling the last few months of high school. She apprenticed with a local midwife for 1 year while completing her schooling, meeting the man she would marry, and marrying that man. After 1 year of education, she decided to step back in order to concentrate on her marriage and have children, though she never really did put her textbooks down. Nothing makes her more grateful for her passion and schooling than when a friend calls her with questions and seeking advice. 

Eliza says one of the best things about acquiring knowledge of birth was utilizing that knowledge through both of her pregnancies and births. Learning about bodily changes through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum is crucial as a woman grows her child and Eliza is very excited to be teaching again, empowering women and their partners through the same knowledge that gave her confidence every step of the way. 

Eliza lives in Winchester, Virginia with her husband, her 4-year-old son, and 2-year-old daughter.