Garland Caldwell

Garland, Birth Doula in Winchester, Virginia


Garland was born in Winchester, and assisted her first laboring mother in her young teens when she ran home after school to support her sister giving birth. The youngest of a large family, Garland was acquainted with births and early infant care from the very start. Garland has ten nieces and nephews, and she has been actively involved in all of their lives since birth. When she had her own daughter, Garland was fortunate to have the loving support of a qualified, dedicated birth team and is inspired to ensure that as many women as possible can enjoy the same tender, supportive care that she experienced.

Garland attended James Madison University and graduated with a BS in Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies with a focus in sociology and early childhood education. From her sociological training, Garland understands that the quality and healthfulness of significant experiences and rites of passage–like childbirth–can have a profound affect not only on an individual and her family, but on society as a whole. That said, Garland is particularly interested in the specific needs of each individual mother and her family, and spends the time to get to know her clients personally and ensure a level of comfort that can be so helpful in a vulnerable time. Garland is frequently praised for her compassion, empathy, and ability to understand feelings and help interpret and translate those feelings into action.

Garland’s personal experiences and education have now been supplemented by her DONA training, giving her the tools necessary to provide personalized, responsive support to laboring and post-natal moms. She is enthusiastic about all things birth, and loves being a doula. When she is not attending to doula-related activities, she loves spending time in nature, cooking delicious food, and making art with her loving husband and adorable three-year-old daughter.

Trainings and Certifications:

DONA Doula training
 Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED