Jocelyn Pratt

Jocelyn Pratt, Birth Doula & Placenta Specialist 

Doula serving the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, Winchester and Loudoun

When Jocelyn was surrounded by 8 women at work that were all pregnant within months of each other, she knew she was in her element. Whether it was a back rub on a sore working mother, or a new fussy baby that a coworker was bringing into the clinic to meet everyone, she was always ready to serve, soothe, and support. This baby boom inspired her to start on her journey as a Doula. It was always easy for her to provide helpful evidenced based, non-biased information for people taking care of their pets and for the doctors treating them, but she knew her real passion was to serve mothers and babies in this same fashion. Friends and coworkers expecting or that had children always seek her out for evidence based information. They know if they asked her for help and information, if she doesn’t have an answer, she will find it. Jocelyn, a trained and pre-certified labor doula, began her career with her labor doula training in October 2015. She is also trained as a postpartum placenta encapsulator. Training as a postpartum doula is on her list to accomplish in 2017 as well.

Jocelyn’s most rewarding conversations are with women who feel like they do not know where to start, feel like they do not have adequate support, or do not realize that you can make informed choices in your own birth! She guides them and enlightens them with what a difference a doula can make. Mentoring young women and young mothers also has a special place in her heart. She lives in Historic Harpers Ferry with her family and rescued chihuahua.



Trainings & Certifications:

ProDoula Labor Doula Training (2015)
Postpartum Placenta Specialist Training (2016)
First Aid/CPR Training (2016)
Blood Borne Pathogens Certification (2016-2018)