Kandice Myslivy

Kandice, Birth & Postpartum Doula in Winchester

Kandice Myslivy or Kandy, as her friends call her, is compassionate and caring which helps her care and connect well with the families that she has served in all areas of her work. She has the desire to connect with families and help them to achieve their birth choice whatever that may look like and this has opened the door to allow her to help families from a cesarean to a natural birth. Being a doula has given her the opportunity to use her pregnancy and birth knowledge that she has gathered as a Registered Nurse to better help the families that she serves.

Kandy is a Labor Doula through ProDoula and with the goal of adding Newborn Care Specialist to her skills in the future. She has also studied Bereavement and Doula Support through the StillBirthDay curriculum. Kandy has been a Registered Nurse for the last 13 years and her work as a Nurse lead her to Doula work. Continuing to increase her education about pregnancy, birth and postpartum has been her motivation to continue in this field and go back to school to be come  Certified Nurse Midwife.

One of the most rewarding moments Kandy remembers as a doula was when the midwife of one of her clients thanked her before she left the room. She is excited to work with Virginia is for Doulas on building a better professional bond between providers, doulas and families. Kandy lives in Winchester, Virginia with her husband, Aaron, her two children, Dylan and Hayden, and white mix-breed, Alaska.




Registered Nursing Degree (2004)
Certified EMT (2014)
StillBirthDay Doula Training (2013)
Placenta Encapsulation Training (2013)
Blood Borne Pathogens Certification (2013)
ProDoula Labor Training (2017)
Postpartum Doula Training (2018)
Newborn Sleep Training (2018)