Monica Ferri

Meet Monica, Birth Doula in Front Royal

Affiliated Back- Up Doula


Monica Ferri has spent much of her life drawn by a calling to help women give birth.  With her own birth journey and her ongoing work as a doula, she imparts her clients with an empowering understanding of their birthing abilities.

Monica’s passion for helping women through pregnancy and birth began with her own birth journey.  After an unplanned cesarean, she experienced a lack of much-needed support during her subsequent planned VBAC, which led to another cesarean.  Emboldened by hours of research, and fueled by the experience gained in doula training, she went on to deliver her third baby peacefully at home, with the help of a seasoned and supportive team of midwife, doula and her ever-encouraging husband.  This healing birth made her even more aware of the life-changing and empowering nature of birth, as well as the need for trusted and compassionate support.

Monica especially seeks to advocate for women who have little support in their birth choices, who have had prior birth trauma, or who wish to be better informed in order to enter the birth process with confidence and self-assurance.  She knows what a difference a doula can make, and she hopes to bring that difference to each and every one of her clients!

Monica lives in Front Royal with her husband and their five children. When not busy attending births, having babies, or teaching her children good manners, how to bake, how to tie their shoes, how to use their inside voices, and all the other important things in life, she loves hiking, running, reading and deep conversations with friends.



Birth Doula Training (2014)
Childbirth Education Certification Birth Arts International (2017)
DONA Birth Doula Training (2018)