Belly Binding

Belly binding is a great way to help your body heal and recovery after birth. Belly binding is an additional way to support your body in recovery after birth, vaginal birth or cesarean birth. The optimal time to do belly binding is in the first 8 weeks after birth, but can be extremely beneficial after 8 weeks for recovery and healing.

Belly binding includes wrapping fabric around your hips and abdomen in a unique way, during postpartum recovery, this helps aid in muscle recovery and bringing the abdominal muscles back to where they should be, stabilizing ligaments, and supporting whole body recovery after birth.  By utilizing belly binding you are able to support your whole body's recovery, specifically the belly and abdomen after childbirth. 

Unlike typical belly bands you can find online or in stores, our belly binds are made from breathable fabric that supports and shapes to your unique body and supports in the areas that you need to target. You can wear this during the day above or below regular clothing! Additionally, if you purchase our Belly Binding Package in your third trimester, you can use the bind to support your belly in the last few weeks of pregnancy and in those first few weeks or months postpartum.

Our Belly Binding Package includes a downloadable PDF, Instructional Video and a belly bind for your use!



1. Can I do Belly binding after a cesarean?

Yes! You will receive special instructions for using the belly bind after a cesarean. Belly binding after a cesarean is especially helpful as the abdominal muscles and ligaments will need extra support in healing and recovery

2. My baby is a few weeks/months old, will belly binding still help?

Yes! While optimal use time is with in the first 8 weeks after birth, the benefits still exist after 8 weeks for belly binding use for postpartum recovery.

3. do i get to pick my wrap?

Yes, you can! Our basic belly binding wrap package and our dyed belly binding package are both available to you at check out! Click the "purchase package" link above to choose your option!

4. What if i have difficulty wrapping?

Each package includes two amazing tutorial videos and PDF instructions for you to follow for instruction. However, if you are having issues, do not hesitate to reach out to us via email!