Sleep, achievable for the whole family!

We know you are exhausted, we see you. We know that constant wakings are no longer working for you. We know that your baby is tired too. We know that you have tried to sleep train on your own or you just cannot imagine sleep training on your own. We have a solution for you.

No more song and dance, pick up/put down, or sitting back!

Many families find themselves, out of desperation in order to get more sleep, in a bedtime routine that takes almost an hour to bet the baby to sleep. Then the baby will only sleep in their crib for a short while before the parents must do the same pick up/put down or shushing/rocking routine for another chunk of time in order to get their baby to sleep AGAIN. This cycle repeats, all night, every night. At the 4-6 months mark, you are exhausted, you are back to work at this point and you are asking your friends what they did to get their baby to sleep through the night, independently. And by sleep through the night, independently we mean baby goes in the sleep sack, in the crib at 6:30pm and then wakes for the day at 6:30am.

We offer, in-home support, which means that you have an expert, by your side during the sleep training process and when she leaves your baby is sleep trained. You do not have to wait four weeks or two months to follow additional steps, when our sleep coaches leave, it is done, your baby has learned how to fall asleep and stay asleep independently!

How do we sleep train?

We offer in-home 2-3 day sleep coaching packages with our sleep coach experts that will create a customized plan for your baby and your family’s needs and guarantee you a successful future of sleep and bliss.

Sleep Training does not have to be scary or full of tears- from you or your little one! Our sleep training program will give you your nights back, your days back and you and your little one will wake up happy and refreshed! You will have continual support as your little one learns to sleep better, you will experience support for the entire two to three day program and at the end of it, your little one will know how to sleep and you will know what is normal. Four weeks of follow up support allows you to feel totally confident and supported after the sleep training program with our sleep coach! Got a question about sleep training with us? See the FAQs page!

What sets our sleep training apart?

When choosing to work with us for Sleep Training, most importantly you know that you are guaranteed to have the success that you want in a matter of days, not weeks, not months, days. It reduces tears, headache, sleep depravation and worry of “ am I doing this right?” “ Are they okay?” “what is normal?”. In-home sleep training with our sleep coaches means unlimited support, guidance, expertise right there with you through it all. It means that soon, you will have your bedroom back and finally wake up refreshed to a happy baby.

Sleep Training Packages:

Blissful Nights Sleep Training Package

  • Most comprehensive plan

  • Ideal for first time parents, younger babies and multiples

  • 72 hours of in-home support

  • 4 weeks of unlimited remote support

  • Guaranteed Success

Dreamy Nights Sleep Training Package

  • Ideal for older babies and parents who are more confident about sleep, or babies who are partially sleep trained

  • 48 hours of in-home support

  • 4 weeks of unlimited remote support

  • Guaranteed Success

Sleep does not have to be a thing of the past! Are you ready for more sleep? Schedule your Sleep Assessment call today to begin!

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*Serving families in Maryland, DC, Virginia and Pennsylvania