Amanda Tice

Amanda Tice, Placenta Encapsulation Provider

Placenta Encapsulation Provider and Bengkung Belly Binding Specailst in Winchester and West Va


While birthing and raising two precious boys, Amanda Tice found a passion in motherhood and birth. With a hard first labor and colicky baby keeping her up all hours of the day and night, Amanda learned first-hand the benefits of placenta encapsulation for hormone balancing.

She had just embarked on a promising government career when her first son, Judah, was born. A colicky baby from the start, Judah didn’t gain weight from 8-13 weeks and Amanda gave up her government career to stay home with her sick baby. Her placenta pills proved to be invaluable in combating post-partum depression through long days, longer nights, and fighting for every ounce of weight gain for her baby (who is now a precociously-perfect toddler). These experiences convinced Amanda of the importance of placenta encapsulation and she never hesitates to recommend it to expectant mothers.

Amanda might have gone to school for Political Science and History, and she can definitely tell you more about medieval England and Russia than you probably ever want to know. But don’t let that background mislead you; she’s a natural researcher who loves to share what she’s learned about pregnancy, birth, recovery, and child-raising with other families embarking on this journey called parenthood. As a skilled listener, she will happily sit down with anyone and everyone over a cup of tea or coffee. She firmly believes in the importance of having access to reliable information so parents can make informed decisions for their families.

Amanda is a Certified Placenta Specialist through Lancaster Doula Placenta Training and looks forward to serving you and your family in your postpartum recovery.

Trainings and Certifications:

Bengkung Belly Binding Specialist (2016)
Certified Placenta Encapsulator (2018)
Blood Borne Pathogens Certification (2018)
VA Food Safe Handler Certification (2018)