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Intake Call with Tiffany

I cannot wait to connect with you about your vision and goals for support. Click the “ schedule now” link below to pick a time to chat with me. This call is free and is focused on your goals and needs and the support we offer that will help you achieve those goals.

Postpartum Planning

Postpartum Planning Session

Imagine sitting down with a postpartum care specialist from the Virginia is for Doulas team and discussing your goals and wishes for your postpartum recovery. Two hours with an experienced, non-judgemental professional that will help you and your partner prepare to bring your little one(s) home and begin your life as new parents with ease and preparedness.


Childbirth Unlocked Group Class

Not all Childbirth Education Classes are created equal. With years of experience teaching families, Virginia is for Doulas offers an amazing Childbirth Unlocked class to give you real keys to success that you can apply to your plan and goals for birth. Understand the ins and outs of your birthing location and walk away excited to welcome your baby, however you choose to do that!